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Strombotne Heritage

The family farm [as it exists today] and its  [mapped location]. In Norway the name is spelled Straumbotn.  

Source: [Strombotne Heritage]

By the time of the 1900 Norwegian Census, Christopher Olai and his daughter Pernille had adopted the farm name for their surnames as per trending custom. The change to a fixed family last name started in the early 1800’s and was widespread by about 1900. The use of a fixed surname was made compulsory by law in Norway in 1923. As a result of this change, many began using their current patronymic name; others chose for example their farm name as their permanent family name and thus the name — Strombotne.
Dede Strombotne.jpg
Birth: November 9, 1955 35 32Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio, USA
Death: September 14, 2014Cary, Wake County, North Carolina, USA
Martin Strombotne (1888–1963) Eric Ronald Valberg (1915–1987) Abraham Kress (1866–1929) Axel Abraham Randrup (1925–2010) Orra Lea Ames (1888–1981) Robert William Alexander (1850–1921) Axel August Randrup (1863–1917) Christopher Erik Strombotne (1921–1943) Corrine Lynette Strombotne (1912–2005) Jacob Monsen (1802–1885) Christopher Erik Strombotne (1921–1943) Louisa Annette Coulter (1865–1946) Asher Osher Zail Ben Rosenblum (1810–1885) Marcella Sigrun Strombotne (1915–1945) Alexandra H Georgi (1903–1975) George Samuel Specht (1884–1977) Fannie M Morris (1900–1986) Hannah Frances Harrison (1902–1990) Howard Allen Kress (1929–2001) Gaylord Dean Specht (1916–2000) Olga Mensena Strombotne (1894–1974) John C Strombotne (1856–1910) Mary Di Noble (1921–2011) Lois Anne Schultz (1925–2014) Roy L Jaeger (1922–2008) Bergine Johanne Strombotne (1897–1994) George J Melnichenko (1903–1986) Noah Specht + Rebecca J. Vore Else Valborg Holm Randrup (1892–1977) Alexandra H Georgi (1903–1975) Benjamin Moses Brodie (1875–1954) Henrik Walter Strombotne (1922–2009) George J Melnichenko + Alexandra H Georgi Rebecca Kress (1897–1980) Beulah May Specht (1903–1974) Arthur Brodie (1898–1941) Jacobea Jacobsdatter (1866–1952) Emerald May Strombotne (1913–2011) Marcella Sigrun Strombotne (1915–1945) Walther Axel Holm Randrup (1888–1964) Richard Lemar Strombotne (1933–2020) Eva Hausigne Randrup (1893–1969) Myriam Sylvia Hellman (1923–2005) Walter William Schultz (–) Christopher Erik Strombotne (1921–1943) John Bertram Ames (1885–1971) Henrik Walter Strombotne (1922–2009) Axel August Randrup (1863–1917) Abraham Brodie (1888–1961) Dolores  Mathilda Quinlan (1934–2007) Liebe Lebya Yehuda Eliyahu Broido + Miriam Mera Israel James Coulter (1798–1882) Wesley Ames (1846–1922) Florence A Coulter (1870–1951) Bergine Johanne Strombotne (1897–1994) Thora Alfride Olivia Holm (1862–1901) Charles Arthur Ames (1893–1979) Svend Hother Holm Randrup (1899–)