Dora Paterbarg, 1872

Dora /Paterbarg/
Given names
Married name
Dora /Martisarnek /Morris/
Note: sounds like: Martisarnek
Birth 1872
19th President of the United States
Rutherford B Hayes
March 4, 1877 (aged 5 years)

20th President of the United States
James A Garfield
March 4, 1881 (aged 9 years)

21st President of the United States
Chester A Arthur
September 19, 1881 (aged 9 years)

22nd President of the United States
Grover Cleveland
March 4, 1885 (aged 13 years)

23rd President of the United States
Benjamin Harrison
March 4, 1889 (aged 17 years)

24th President of the United States
Grover Cleveland
March 4, 1893 (aged 21 years)

25th President of the United States
William McKinley
March 4, 1897 (aged 25 years)

Birth of a daughterFannie M Morris
May 14, 1900 (aged 28 years)
Note: Alternative Names: Lipovets (Russian), Lipovetz (Y…

Alternative Names: Lipovets (Russian), Lipovetz (Yiddish), Lipowiec (Polish)

Jewish Population: 4135 (in 1897), 1353 (1939), 0 (1942)

"The Jews of Lipovets" and the Jewish presence in the surrounding area of Lipovets was first mentioned in writing in the mid-18th century. During this time (late 1760's), the Jewish population in the area was under constant assault by the Haidamaks (cossack paramilitary bands of commoners, peasants, and former Cossacks).

The 1897 Russian census describes 14 distinct "Jewish communities" in Lipovets and the immediate surrounding area totally 4135 Jews (47.8% of the 11761 total population). In 1910, there were two private Jewish schools in Lipovets, one of which was free.

During the time of the Russian civil war (1917-1922), it is estimated that at least 40 Jews were killed in Lipovets after several pogroms. The Jewish population swelled in size during the early 1930's as the village accepted Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi occupied Poland. The remaining Jewish population by 1942 was massacred by the German army when they occupied the area in 1941. Two mass graves can be found in a field in the northeast area of the town.

26th President of the United States
Theodore Roosevelt
September 14, 1901 (aged 29 years)

Birth of a daughterEsther Rose Morris
January 7, 1903 (aged 31 years)
Immigration 1906 (aged 34 years)

Immigration 1907 (aged 35 years)

27th President of the United States
William Howard Taft
March 4, 1909 (aged 37 years)

28th President of the United States
Woodrow Wilson
March 4, 1913 (aged 41 years)

Marriage of a childAbraham HellmanFannie M MorrisView this family
1921 (aged 49 years)

29th President of the United States
Warren G Harding
March 4, 1921 (aged 49 years)

30th President of the United States
Calvin Coolidge
August 2, 1923 (aged 51 years)

31st President of the United States
Herbert Hoover
March 4, 1929 (aged 57 years)

32nd President of the United States
Franklin D Roosevelt
March 4, 1933 (aged 61 years)

Death of a daughterEsther Rose Morris
August 7, 1934 (aged 62 years)
33rd President of the United States
Harry S Truman
April 12, 1945 (aged 73 years)

34th President of the United States
Dwight D Eisenhower
January 20, 1953 (aged 81 years)

35th President of the United States
John F Kennedy
January 20, 1961 (aged 89 years)

36th President of the United States
Lyndon B Johnson
November 22, 1963 (aged 91 years)

37th President of the United States
Richard Nixon
January 20, 1969 (aged 97 years)

38th President of the United States
Gerald Ford
August 9, 1974 (aged 102 years)


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Shared note

Dora Martisarnak and her husband had four children, two of whom survived and came to this country with the two of them from Lipovitz, Russia

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Family with Martasarnik
Fannie M Morris
Birth: May 14, 1900 28Lypovets', Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine
Death: February 18, 1986St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, FL USA
3 years
Rose Morris
Birth: January 7, 1903 31Russia
Death: August 7, 1934Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
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