Roy L Jaeger, 19222008 (aged 85 years)

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Roy L /Jaeger/
Given names
Roy L
Note: Lilbourn L (marriage record)
Birth December 15, 1922
30th President of the United States
Calvin Coolidge
August 2, 1923 (aged 7 months)

31st President of the United States
Herbert Hoover
March 4, 1929 (aged 6 years)

32nd President of the United States
Franklin D Roosevelt
March 4, 1933 (aged 10 years)

33rd President of the United States
Harry S Truman
April 12, 1945 (aged 22 years)

34th President of the United States
Dwight D Eisenhower
January 20, 1953 (aged 30 years)

Birth of a sonKarl Jaeger
July 28, 1955 (aged 32 years)
Birth of a daughterKaren Jaeger
April 24, 1957 (aged 34 years)

35th President of the United States
John F Kennedy
January 20, 1961 (aged 38 years)

36th President of the United States
Lyndon B Johnson
November 22, 1963 (aged 40 years)

37th President of the United States
Richard Nixon
January 20, 1969 (aged 46 years)

38th President of the United States
Gerald Ford
August 9, 1974 (aged 51 years)

39th President of the United States
Jimmy Carter
January 20, 1977 (aged 54 years)

40th President of the United States
Ronald Reagan
January 20, 1981 (aged 58 years)

41st President of the United States
George H W Bush
January 20, 1989 (aged 66 years)

42nd President of the United States
Bill Clinton
January 20, 1993 (aged 70 years)

43rd President of the United States
George W Bush
January 20, 2001 (aged 78 years)

Death April 19, 2008 (aged 85 years)

first name Lilbourn?


Resident of Redwood City Roy L. Jaeger, age 84, passed peacefully on April 14, 2008. Born in Kansas City, KS and was a resident of Redwood City for 55 years. Roy was owner operator of the lunch rooms in the Old Court House and the Hall of Justice in Redwood City, was former president of the Redwood City Blind Club, and member of the Redwood City Moose Lodge. Beloved husband of Elsa Jaeger of Redwood City, beloved father of son Karl Jaeger of Redwood City and daughter Karen Anderson of Yuba City, daughter Elaine Steward of Santa Clara, Son Randy Jaeger of Santa Clara, 6 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren.

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Family with Private
Roy Jaegar.jpg
Birth: December 15, 1922Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Death: April 19, 2008Redwood City, California, USA
Birth: July 28, 1955 32San Mateo, California, USA
Death: November 19, 2020
21 months
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