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Optometrist Note: Formerly taught math and was the band director at ConroyIowa, USA, USA and JohnstonIowa, USA, USA. Was the Superintendent of Schools at EllstonIowa, USA, USA and WesleyIowa, USA, USA. Served 3 years in the Army Medical Corps, European Theater, WWII


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Maurice Ray Page
May 13, 1914
106 Washington, Iowa, USA
1 February 22, 1977
44 62 Walsenburg, Colorado, USA
Sunday, February 24, 2013 10:48 PM
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Florence A Coulter (1870–1951) Cecil Lemar Strombotne (1911–1975) Laura Alice Brodie (1895–1967) Christopher Erik Strombotne (1921–1943) Stephania Gudreather Johnson (1891–1975) Walther Axel Holm Randrup (1888–1964) Svend Hother Holm Randrup (1899–) Wesley Ames (1846–1922) George J Melnichenko (1903–1986) Laura Alice Brodie (1895–1967) Hannah Frances Harrison (1902–1990) Else Valborg Holm Randrup (1892–1977) Esther Rose Morris (1903–1934) Christopher Strombotne (1890–1945) Dolores  Mathilda Quinlan (1934–2007) Ethel May Cline (–) Axel August Randrup (1863–1917) Else Valborg Holm Randrup (1892–1977) John C Strombotne (1856–1910) Louisa Annette Coulter (1865–1946) Josephine Alexander (1855–1952) Roy L Jaeger (1922–2008) Samuel Coulter (1825–1916) Axel Abraham Randrup (1925–2010) Bertrum Myron Bert Harrison (1920–2002) Thora Alfride Olivia Holm (1862–1901) George J Melnichenko + Alexandra H Georgi Noah Specht (1832–1897) Arthur Brodie (1898–1941) Christopher Strombotne (1890–1945) Carrie Viola Specht (1906–1980) Asher Osher Zail Ben Rosenblum (1810–1885) Dora Paterbarg (1872–) Dorothy Mae Richards (1909–1994) Howard Allen Kress (1929–2001) Svend Hother Holm Randrup (1899–) Thora Alfride Olivia Holm (1862–1901) Alexandra H Georgi (1903–1975) Benjamin Moses Brodie (1875–1954) Noah Specht + Rebecca J. Vore Gaylord Dean Specht (1916–2000) Fannie M Morris (1900–1986) Asher Osher Zail Ben Rosenblum (1810–1885) Else Valborg Holm Randrup (1892–1977) Axel August Randrup (1863–1917) Myriam Sylvia Hellman (1923–2005) Anna Jacobsdatter (1859–1935) Svend Hother Holm Randrup (1899–) George Washington Alexander (1860–1916) Rebecca J. Vore (1836–1892) Christopher Strombotne (1890–1945) Doris Irene Specht (1918–2005) Anna L Brodie (1891–1968) Martin Strombotne (1888–1963) Orra Lea Ames (1888–1981) Else Valborg Holm Randrup (1892–1977) Liebe Lebya Yehuda Eliyahu Broido + Miriam Mera Israel Corrine Lynette Strombotne (1912–2005)