When Grandpa Joseph (he's the one who Dad and Jean used to take to the bus stop on Elm and Dennick s…

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When Grandpa Joseph (he's the one who Dad and Jean used to take to the bus stop on Elm and Dennick so he could sit and watch the infrequent cars. When someone older would sit down, he'd say in his broken English, "How old you?" because he w as looking to find someone his age. He never did. He died at age 97 or 98, I forget. His first wife, Esther, was the mother of Joseph's 14 children. Esther Harrison Knight (our aunt) and Esther Jean Brodie Zipp were both named for her so she died sometime in either the late teens of the 20th century or in the early 1920s. Grandma Olga was Joseph's second wife. I remember her. Dede probably doesn't but she was a little bitty wizzened old lady with her hair in a bun. She was a sweet lady. I was about five or six when she died so Dede being two years younger wouldn't have remembered her. She would visit our grandparents' Harrison and Dad would take us to see her.


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