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Burial: Place: Grove City, PA Note: It is said that Catharines maiden name is Coulter (but from a different branch.) It continues on to say she is from Irish Aristocracy. Her family disowned her after she married beneath her class. She may have been born in 1758. An old family bible lists her death as Mar 3,1840. Dec 24 is from the gravestone.


Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
262 Donegal, IRL
1 1841
180 82 Liberty Twp, Pennsylvania, USA
Sunday, November 22, 2020 10:40 PM
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Axel Abraham Randrup (1925–2010) Olga Christine Valberg (1921–2002) John C Strombotne (1856–1910) Christopher Strombotne (1890–1945) Liebe Lebya Yehuda Eliyahu Broido + Miriam Mera Israel Ida Kress (1901–1985) Dora Paterbarg (1872–) Cecil Lemar Strombotne (1911–1975) Samuel Coulter (1825–1916) Thora Alfride Olivia Holm (1862–1901) Marcella Sigrun Strombotne (1915–1945) John H Alexander (1852–) Roy L Jaeger (1922–2008) Rebecca J. Vore (1836–1892) Christopher Erik Strombotne (1921–1943) Clara Luella Pipher (1868–1946) Norman Jay Strombotne (1925–1975) Christopher Strombotne (1890–1945) Axel August Randrup (1863–1917) Uriah Lee Coulter (1868–1941) Christopher Strombotne (1890–1945) George Samuel Specht (1884–1977) Benjamin Moses Brodie (1875–1954) Anna L Brodie (1891–1968) Christopher Erik Strombotne (1921–1943) Ethel May Cline (–) Florence A Coulter (1870–1951) Axel Abraham Randrup (1925–2010) Martin Strombotne (1888–1963) Christopher Strombotne (1890–1945) Carrie Viola Specht (1906–1980) Bergine Johanne Strombotne (1897–1994) Benjamin Moses Brodie (1875–1954) Jacob George Brodie (1881–1937) Hannah Frances Harrison (1902–1990) James Coulter (1798–1882) Vernon Brutus Arnsdorf (1898–1968) Svend Hother Holm Randrup (1899–) Josephine Alexander (1855–1952) Bertha Rebecca Specht (1891–1964) Eva Hausigne Randrup (1893–1969) George J Melnichenko + Alexandra H Georgi Laura Alice Brodie (1895–1967) Gaylord Dean Specht (1916–2000) George J Melnichenko (1903–1986) Orville Damon Specht (1909–1993) Axel August Randrup + Thora Alfride Olivia Holm Josephine Alexander (1855–1952) Anna Jacobsdatter (1859–1935) Noah Specht (1832–1897) Joseph H Brodie + Olga Alexandra H Georgi (1903–1975) Aaron Archibald Coulter (1860–1945) Liebe Lebya Yehuda Eliyahu Broido (1819–1892) Laura Alice Brodie (1895–1967) Myrtle Alvina Cassel (1896–1978) Fannie M Morris (1900–1986) Doris Irene Specht (1918–2005) Maria Bash (1831–1915)